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The most famous and popular shape, representing 70% of the diamonds in circulation. This shape offers the best sparkle.


Consistently one of the top 5 best sellers thanks to it’s square shape and defined angles.


Offers a unique look thanks to its highly feminine and elegant shape.


An option gaining popularity, it is considered a hybrid between the princess and the round shape.


An incredibly popular choice thanks to its sparkle. An ideal shape for those who wish to get the maximum volume effect.


A similar appearance to the radiant shape, but its corners are rounded and the shape is square, just like a cushion.


Very similar in shape to the emerald but this one is square in shape. A beautiful balance between sparkle and a classic look.


A classic-looking shape, this one is recognizable because of its rectangular shape.

What Is a Lab Grown Diamond?

Lab grown diamonds, also known as cultured diamonds, are created in a laboratory, following advanced technological processes that replicate the conditions in which diamonds grow naturally.

Consisting of real carbon atoms, they aim to reproduce the crystalline structure that characterizes natural diamonds.

What Is a Natural Diamond?

The natural diamond comes from the earth and is the result of compressed carbon under high temperature for more than a billion years. It is the natural material with the highest hardness index (10).


The cut is a unit of measurement (proportions, symmetry and polish) that evaluates how facets interact with light.


Clarity grades evaluate the number, size, and arrangement of imperfections.


White diamonds can be completely colorless or slightly tinged with yellow.


Considered the highest quality option, platinum is used at a purity level of 95%. White metal, the turntable is malleable and durable.

19k Gold

Purity level of 79%, available in white gold only. This white gold option is popular for those who want the most sparkling finish possible.

18k Gold

Purity level of 75%, available in yellow, white and rose gold. The preferred option for purists who wish to preserve the stainless and non-allergenic qualities of gold.

14k Gold

Purity level of 58%, available in yellow, white and rose gold. This is the most popular option in North America.

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